The Shards

The Shivan Shards

A lot of research studied the Shivan substances. It started as a secret, but soon it spread that there were spots all over the world where large crystal formations began to appear, as fungus colonies spread in the rain. Most of these crystals were compounds of Shivan matter with the local minerals it bonded with when it touched the ground, and they had the novel effect of changing color according to the general mood around them. The Shivan shards were psychoactive; that is, they reacted to thought, just as quartz reacts to electricity by emitting periodic pulses. Industry did not see much other use in the crystals and abandoned them for any use other than cheap jewelry.

It wasn’t until 2012 that it was revealed that the shards were much more than cheap gemstones. A spelunker found a vein of pure Shivan shards deep in a South American cavern. These shards didn’t bond with local minerals but grew independently. When smugglers beset the solitary explorer as he exited the cave, the fragments he had taken as a keepsake reacted by manifesting an enormous three-headed hound with a strange biomechanical appearance. The hound dispatched the attackers.

The same thing happened in other locations where pure Shivan shards surfaced. Further research concluded that in their pure state, the shards were not only able to resonate with surrounding emotions but synchronize to the unique brain patterns of an individual and create matter responding to his wishes. The age of the Focusers had come.

The Shards

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