The Focusers

The Focusers

Shivan shards are now produced synthetically, and the imprinting process is easy and within reach of people with the right combination of mental strength and monetary funds. The governments closely monitor these shards, but private enterprises won the right to produce their own and hire people to imprint them.

The people who are able to imprint a Shivan shard and manifest something out of the synchronization are called Focusers, because what they do is basically focus a deeply entrenched wish into the shard, which resonates and makes it real. Imprinting happens only once, and then the shard does not accept further manipulation of its resonance. A Focuser can bring forth his mind’s desire as much as he wants, but he’s stuck with the particular desire he had when the imprinting happened.

Focusers hire out as mercenaries, specialists, entertainers, security, or other such professions, depending on how they obtained their shards. Others turn to crime, using the powers granted by the Shivan shard for their own selfish ends.

There are three types of Focusers, registered and researched by several international organizations.

• Handlers: These Focusers secretly wish for a guardian and a companion, and their Shivan shards manifest a creature that obeys them, protects them, and even fights for them. The creature comes from the Focuser’s subconscious and echoes his particular preferences, culture, and personality.

• Riders: A Rider doesn’t create something to fight for her but rather focuses her Shivan shard into a suit of armor around her, increasing her size, strength, protection, and bestowing several other gifts, depending on the Focuser’s heart.

• Wielders: Unlike the other two types of Focusers, Wielders like to test their skills in a contest between Shivans. They manifest a tool (most commonly a weapon). This tool enhances their skill with it, but it also has its own powers that it imparts upon the Focuser. These Focusers wear their Shivan shard somewhere visible on their bodies, mostly as a necklace or pendant. Once imprinted with a particular shard, a Focuser cannot use any other shard except his own, until it is somehow destroyed. Also, nobody can use a shard that has already been imprinted. There are rumors about two more types of Focusers; they do not need to wear their shard but have somehow absorbed their power. This is, of course, pure speculation, as no one knows exactly how a Shivan shard works, only that it does.

Breathers: • These Focusers do not imprint with a shard but instead were immersed in Shivan matter or, more commonly, breathed it in until it coated their lungs. Breathers can manifest their wishes upon their own bodies, creating strange powers like metamorphosis or, more commonly, an increase in news about super-powered martial artists.

Weavers: • These Focusers are not sure why they can understand the shards intuitively, but they do. Weavers can see the resonance fields of all Shivan shards around them, even those floating around as dust. They later learn how to alter the flow and make even imprinted shards contribute to bringing their improvised wish into reality, as if by magic.

The Focusers

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